Security Program Assessment (includes security reference architecture)​

Talus’s Security Program Assessment evaluates the maturity of an organization’s security program based on industry standards and controls to identify gaps and provide an incremental roadmap to improve the overall security posture of the organization. Talus will review documentation, perform interviews and facilitate interactive workshops to understand the current security posture of the environment and to ensure roadmaps and recommendations are driven through collaboration. Talus will deliver actionable recommendation and an implementation roadmap specific to the organization’s short- and long-term goals. Talus will provide a final report which would include, an executive summary, vulnerability report, an in-depth gap analysis and recommendations, and a prioritized security program roadmap. Additionally, an Executive presentation will be provided, tailored to the requirements of the organization and audience. Recommendations will include guidance on how to fully utilize existing tools as well as suggestions for new tools and processes that can be implemented to improve security posture and reduce risk.

  • Understand the organizations risk expose
  • Improver the overall security posture of the organization
  • Reduce the risk of breach and data theft
  • Reduce the impact of security incidents
  • Security Program Roadmap and recommendations
  • Executive Presentation