Active Compromise Assessment

Using customized threat hunting tools and methods, we perform deep system inspection as well as behavioral analytics to identify active or previous breaches.  Risk and threat assessments are a standard practice in cyber security.  But more often than not, these assessments neglect the most important question.  “Am I compromised right now?”  TALUS’s Compromise Assessment is designed to identify signs of active, dormant or past security breach. We gather telemetry from Talus enterprise security platform and apply advanced threat hunting analytics to investigate suspicious activity. Our purpose-built tool sets are adapted to allow Talus threat hunters to look for signs of attacker recon, network access and pivot signaling, and identification of persistence mechanisms used by attackers to remain hidden within a target network.

  • Deep System Inspection & Anomaly Discovery/Investigation
  • Behavioral Analytics (Network & Host Based)
  • Custom Threat Hunting Methodologies for HealthCare Attackers
  • Detailed Findings on Attacker Activity and Root Cause Analysis
  • Actionable Remediation & Mitigation Plans To Prevent Future Breach