Penetration Testing

Red Teaming tailored to your organizations requirements. We assess specific aspects of the security program and the security posture of critical systems, networks and applications.

Wireless Security Assessment

We can provide your organization with a detailed look at the current risk of improperly configured wireless networks that leave an organization’s internal network open to exploits or painful user experience.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Assessment

A coordinated program that enables you to reduce information security risk and reduce the cost of regulatory and industry compliance by aligning your business and technology strategies for protecting information.

Identity Access and Governance

Centralize and consolidate the mapping between users and the increasing number of heterogeneous systems and applications within the enterprise.

Enterprise Security Design and Implementation

Architecture, Design, and Implementation services for various security products and solutions to fit your organizational requirements.

Incident Response

Solutions that prepare your company to effectively remove a threat from the organization’s computing environment, while minimizing damage and restoring normal operations as quickly as possible.

Active Compromise Assessment

Using customized threat hunting tools and methods, we perform deep system inspection as well as behavioral analytics to identify active or previous breaches.

Security Monitoring + Threat Hunting

Talus’s Security Monitoring platform incorporates comprehensive visibility through analyzing network traffic as well as endpoint activity.

Fractional Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) Services

Talus provides CISOs to our clients on a fractional basis to direct their security program administration.

Biomedical Device Security

At Talus, we understand the challenges associated with managing a facility full of connected devices. We work beside your staff to elevate the security and reliability of these devices while maintaining patient safety.

Fractional CISO

CISO-as-a-Service (CISOaaS)

We can leverage recognized HealthCare cybersecurity authoritative industry leaders on a fractional or full-time basis.

HealthCare Security

Talus provides cybersecurity offerings for Vizient’s clients.  Vizient members: Please login to the portal here and reference contract number IT0330:  


  • Cybersecurity integrator and professional services firm
  • Exclusively healthcare focused
  • Industry experience in healthcare, oil & gas, and other large multinationals
  • We have delivered cybersecurity services for some of the largest companies in the world

Servicing all of US


Talus can help your organization identify active or previous breaches in HealthCare networks.  We then work with your organization to provide the perfect customized solution for your cybersecurity needs.