Biomedical Device Security

At Talus, we understand the challenges associated with managing a facility full of connected devices, which can outnumber traditional IT devices by as much as 10 to 1. Ensuring the security of these devices while maintaining patient safety is at our core. We work beside your staff to elevate the security and reliability of these devices.

In today’s security landscape, IT organizations must navigate a complex set of regulatory, compliance, and business demands. With ever-present security risks, business and technology evolution, and tightening regulations, security compliance can be difficult to achieve and maintain. Our Biomedical Security Solution can provide you with a better understanding of your organization’s current risks and help identify opportunities to protect, manage, and audit your sensitive systems and keep them safe from compromise.

Implementation of this solution is straightforward as we identify, secure, and manage your devices. To address this complex issue, we have developed a 3-Phase process that will easily integrate into your operation.

Phase 1

Identify and Locate

We compile a full inventory of all biomedical devices connected to your network, including system identification, patch level, and location. This process is completely passive, with no scanning, and is incapable of disrupting sensitive devices.

Phase 2

Recommend and Remediate

We then further classify devices into risk categories with associated remediation strategies for the secure implementation and use of biomedical devices. We also perform device utilization analysis/reporting to facilitate better annual planning and budgeting for new device or refresh purchasing.

Phase 3

Manage and Maintain

We manage the technical components of the system on an ongoing basis, including integration points with client networking devices or ticketing systems, if so desired.