Penetration Testing (Red Teaming)

Talus’s penetrations tests are tailored to the organizations requirements, assessing specific aspects of the security program and the security posture of critical systems, networks and applications. This assessment is intended to simulate real-world attack scenarios and demonstrate the impact of security weaknesses in procedural and technical defenses that constitute the overall security of the environment. It may be possible to combine the information or access provided by several non-critical vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to critical data or systems. Penetration testing can often reveal business risks that are not evident through vulnerability assessment reports. Further, by clearly demonstrating how vulnerabilities can be exploited to lead to unauthorized access of critical business systems and confidential data, the penetration testing report can often provide the management team with greater insight into the business risks related to information security controls.

  • Internal Penetration Tests
  • External Penetration Tests
  • Web Application Penetration Tests
  • Mobile Application Penetration Tests
  • Social Engineering
  • Wireless Technology Penetration Tests