Identity Management and Information Assurance
With increased complexity caused by changes in technology, bring your own mobile device, the move to the cloud, and added regulatory requirements, organizations are struggling to correctly identify, map and control accounts and identities proliferating across the enterprise. Companies are turning to Identity Management processes and solutions to centralize and consolidate the mapping between users and the increasing number of heterogeneous systems and applications. Within the enterprise, an identity management system comprises a system of directories, provisioning processes, and access control mechanisms based on roles and policies. It also includes the life cycle maintenance of identities on downstream applications and system. Provisioning automates the administration of user access to systems, applications, and resources. Security is enhanced by implementing changes to access rights, while administrative costs are reduced due to automation. Integrated workflow ensures that all required changes can be routed for approval where appropriate. Talus provides a full range of services to help successfully architect, design, plan and implement an identity management solution for an organization.
  • Develop process and workflows
  • Access control management and workflows
  • Rights management and workflows
  • Reporting
  • IAM custom deployments
  • Establish a modular and robust identity management, provisioning and governance framework.
  • Regulate access to confidential business data and mission critical services.
  • Enhance and streamline business process
  • Centralized account management
  • Lifecycle management process
  • Audit and Reporting
  • Reduce Risk

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